HSFA Creating New Jobs, Providing Safety Resources to the Public at No Cost

The Homeland Security Foundation of America publishes its Mission Template and begins to deploy field offices in every congressional district, bringing new jobs, projects, opportunities and free resources to Americans during the worst economic times we’ve seen in years.

Atlanta, GA – The Homeland Security Foundation of America (HSFA), a non-profit, non-Federal public agency, today published its Mission Template, an overview of operations, including project details and potential economic impact. HSFA hopes to address a number of issues involving public safety, energy security and health and human services while increasing employment and volunteer opportunities nationwide.

“This Mission Template presents a unique approach to American recovery,” said Eric Brown, President, HSFA. “Our plan puts skilled workers back on the job, but also offers opportunities to people who need training. We’re actively seeking support and mobilizing volunteers across the country. Our non-profit, public status means financial contributions are converted directly into well-paying jobs, so with the right level of support, we can begin hiring within months.”

HSFA’s Mission Template offers hope because of new work based on emerging technologies. Project US Privacy Protection helps eliminate phishing and unauthorized network access, giving the country a fighting chance against electronic fraud and ID theft. Project Feedback helps Community Action Agencies leverage technology for increased efficiency and government compliance. But, this Mission Template is not just about technology – HSFA is slated to deliver a wide range of services to the public. Project Green Village helps homeowners and businesses “green up” and decrease our dependency on foreign oil. Ready Roadmap USA offers safety day events nationwide to help fight routine crime. Project STAN, an advanced research program to help combat terrorism, requires scientists, academics and professionals from all walks of life. Another unique initiative, Project Little Language, promotes cultural awareness while preparing youths for a challenging career in the Foreign Services Community.

“This is what we signed up for,” said Lloyd Bumanglag, Chief of Staff, HSFA. “We have to challenge ourselves to be more than just status reporters. Our goal is to help improve quality of life for people in every district in America. We’re accomplishing this through grassroots initiatives and by putting new solutions on the table. When we introduce our programs to communities, we bring new jobs and volunteer opportunities to a diverse group of individuals. That’s a good formula for helping stimulate the economy. We encourage Americans to get involved in any way that’s best for them, whether volunteerism or employment. The longer people are out of work the worse the economy will get, so we’re focused on securing adequate funding and always accepting resumes. We’re confident we’ll begin hiring soon. In the interim, we hope people will get out and volunteer. This helps us learn about their capabilities and allows them to gain hands on experience. Candidates with HSFA volunteer experience have priority in hiring. However, volunteering in your community is an experience like no other and a chance to help shape the future of America one project at a time.”

This Mission Template underscores HSFA’s commitment to help make America better through bold, forward-thinking strategies. In addition to funding these efforts, HSFA has committed to grant nearly all products and services to the public at no cost.

“There’s no doubt, this is a tall order,” said Brown, “but by focusing on the needs of each district and partnering with the government and businesses, we’ll get the job done expeditiously. Together, we can put Americans back to work and sustain our commitment to the public in subsequent years through grants and charitable contributions. President Obama has called each of us to action during this challenging time. We’re honored for HSFA to be among the many Americans who are bravely answering that call.”

HSFA leadership plans to create nearly 1 million jobs across the nation. Dividing their operational grid into congressional districts is a strategy they believe will help meet an aggressive goal of servicing every household and bridging the gaps between the government and the public. Agency officials say putting Americans back to work on projects that directly benefit this country is their highest priority and by doing so the nation will see economic growth, positive environmental impact and improved homeland security.

The organization’s received substantial contributions from companies like BroadRiver Communication Corporation, Nomad Security and Air Tran Airlines. Leadership expects more corporations will explore HSFA’s efforts and offer their support too. The organization is also contacting members of congress and reaching out to key government officials.

Despite the challenges of a widespread economic crisis, HSFA believes they can gain the support needed to deploy the Mission Template in all 435 districts and help make a real difference in the lives of Americans nationwide.

To learn more about HSFA or access a copy of the Mission Template visit https://www.hsfamerica.org.


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