Awareness: Journal of Public Safety Studies in America



ISSN 1938-1905

A quarterly publication that offers information, helpful hints and ideas on how to prepare for and protect against disaster, criminals, civil liberty issues and other public safety and national security concerns.  “Awareness” is for the people and by the people.  Citizens from all walks of life submit their articles for inclusion.


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We are currently accepting articles.  If you are an author, please review our Submission Guidelines below before submitting your work.


Thank you for your interest in submitting an article for use in “Awareness”.  Please note we only accept submissions from the original author of the articles or a publicist hired by the copyright owner to submit material here.  By submitting material, you acknowledge that you are legally entitled ot distribute the work and to allow it to be redistributed.  We do not pay for articles, and do not accept articles that are primarily advertisements or commercial in nature.  However, you may place a brief resource box and contact information at the end of your article.


“Awareness” includes information on how Americans can be more aware and safer in their everyday lives.  By submitting an article, you agree to allow HSFA to use the article not only in “Awareness” but any place content from “Awareness” is used.  You, however, retain the copyright in your work and are free to reuse it in any way you want.

We’re interested in seeing well-written features, how-to articles, including tips and hints, instructions and other articles that will help our audience build awareness of public safety issues in America and better prepare to deal with a wide range of incidents.

Among the broad subject areas we cover are public safety, homeland security, energy security, energy conservation and green living, disaster preparedness, health and human services, new technology, criminal justice, terrorism, and social issues.

Articles must be non-political in nature and may not include offensive material or statements that appear to be attacks on individuals and/or organizations.  Remember, “Awareness” is for the people, so be sure your articles add value to the general public in a nondiscriminatory manner.  Articles must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc) format, typed single space in 12pt Times New Roman.

We cannot guarantee that we will use your article in “Awareness”.  If your article is not chosen, you will not be contacted.  Please understand we receive a lot of requests for inclusion.  Even if your article is not chosen, please do not be discouraged.  You may not resubmit the article, however, you may submit a new article for consideration.  For questions regarding your article submission, contact us.


Use the form below to submit your articles for review and consideration of inclusion in “Awareness”.

** Articles must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.docx, .doc) format, single-spaced, in Times New Roman 12pt **

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