HSFA Presents 2nd Annual Financial Literacy and Small Business Awards Conference

HSFA, in partnership with RichBoi Investments LLC, presents the 2nd Annual Financial Conference and Awards Show, Saturday, June 22, 2019, 9am – 5pm, Eastern

Sheraton Galleria Atlanta
2844 Cobb Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA 30339

Sponsored by

Brian Joubert (RBI) & Dr. Joi Freemont, 2018 Awardee

The Homeland Security Foundation of America (HSFA) has partnered with Richboi Investments, LLC to host this year’s Annual Financial Literacy and small Business Awards Conference.

This years’ conference will be held at the Sheraton Galleria Atlanta, Located at 2844 Cobb Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA 30339 on Saturday, June 22, 2019, 9am – 5pm, Eastern.

Attendees will learn about financial literacy, entrepreneurism, and experience presentations from successful industry experts.

We will serve lunch and attendees will have an opportunity to interact with speakers, sponsors and our community partners.

Donations are tax-deductible. All funds raised will be used to support HSFA’s Health and Human Services (HHS) programs and services we deliver to the public.

Our Speakers and Awardees

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More on Our Awardees

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Melvin M. Coleman
President & CEO of Essential Wealth Management Group, LLC.

Melvin founded EWM September 2006 shortly after leaving Raymond James & Associates. Raymond James is one of the most highly regarded brokerage firms in America and he benefitted tremendously from his experience there. He earned his series 7 and 66 securities licenses during his time at RJ.

Melvin is originally from Savannah, Georgia. He committed to the United States Navy before even graduating high school in 1986. His time in the Navy afforded him the opportunity to travel the world and see places he had only read about in books. This experience really helped to broaden his horizons and has served him well to this very day.

While in college, at Savannah State University, Melvin began working for UPS in September 1989 as a part time package sorter. Upon completing his MBA in 1995, at Georgia Southern University, he was promoted into management in the UPS business development department. Over a 15 year career he ascended to the level of senior account executive managing major accounts. He credits his career at UPS with all of his professional development.

Melvin’s vision for his wealth management firm is built on three key areas. Provide the community with 1) highly effective investment management services that are not available everywhere 2) the personal finance education that is the missing element to an enhanced quality of life 3) wealth education that will help create the wealth that will be transferred to future generations.

Melvin is very active in the community. He is the Executive Director for the Atlanta Black Chambers, appointed in Jan. 2017. The ABC’s mission is the creation and growth of competitive, profitable and sustainable black owned businesses. He is also a member of the Austell Community Taskforce. He has a long history of mentoring young boys that goes back to 1998 with Big Brothers Big Sisters. He is an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity inc. and a life member of the Savannah State University National Alumni Association.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas, Ph.D. is a critically acclaimed author, world-renowned speaker, educator, pastor, audible.com Audie Awards Finalist and the electrifying Voice-Over talent credited with propelling the Miami Heat to total victory in the NBA Finals in 2012. His fiery & galvanizing charge of “ALL IN!” took the Cleveland Cavaliers, the city, and the fans of the Cleveland Cava-liers to a unifying plateau they had never before experienced before game three of the 2015 NBA Finals! ET, as he is better known, has taken the world by storm, with his creative style and high-energy messages. His words continue to impact tens of millions of people across the planet through a significant social media presence. With his recent domestic and international tours, “ET, The Hip Hop Preacher” has become a global phenomenon!

Drawing from his personal experiences, ET allows his life to be an “open book” from which radiates compelling and inspiring messages. While the typical undergraduate student takes between four to six years to complete their studies, ET took 12. For most, that would have sig-naled the end of any future academic aspirations. For ET, it was a springboard from which his academic success would launch! In 2005, ET completed and received a Master’s Degree from Michigan State University. On February 5, 2015, Eric successfully defended his Ph.D. disserta-tion and received his Ph.D. in Education Administration on May 8, 2015, from Michigan State University.

Eric’s commitment to community activism is long standing. It began with his award-nominated GED Program that led to his non-profit, Break The Cycle; I Dare you, and a plethora of other ministerial and educational endeavors. The culmination of those efforts resulted in the development of “The Advantage program” at Michigan State University in 2003. This program targets high-risk college students by improving their study habits and increasing their retention rates. Michigan Sate University is where he continued to pursue his passion for remedying the effects of adverse societal influences plaguing both the young and old. And, it is from this plat-form that he created International Urban Education Consultants; a non-profit organization com-mitted to finding solutions to close the achievement gap in urban schools through goal-framing and reformation of perceptions in student learning.

ET is the epitome of hustle, drive, determination, and success. Millions of followers have been able to apply the principles revealed in his award nominated autobiography, The Secret to Success, which has scaled the social media charts at over 50 million hits. His sophomore re-lease, Greatness Is Upon You, featuring 24 life changing fundamental precepts, has been met with equal success. His most recent tome entitled, Average Skill Phenomenal Will continues in the transformative, and enriching steps of its predecessors. All three titles are available through Eric Thomas and Associates Publications and can be purchased online at etinspires.com.

As CEO of his consulting firm, ETA LLC, Eric has led his team through the doors of doz-ens of reputable organizations and Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, Quicken Loans, AT&T, Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, and UPS. He has also consulted for major universities and major sports franchises in the MLB, NBA, NFL and MLS. At a recent business meeting, Eric had the opportunity to learn more ‘Secrets of Success’ from Berkshire Hathaway Chairman, Mr. Warren Buffett. This invitation-only event broadened his mind and further strengthened his resolve to empower others in their pursuit of greatness.

Eric’s spiritual walk, tenacity and integrity are the perfect examples of his quote,“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” Indeed, nothing demonstrates the truest spirit of service within Eric more than his dedication to the personal success of others. This single principle remains at the very heart of everything Eric does. Of particular importance are families, students & schools. While not public knowledge, for every corporate engagement, Eric dedicates separate time to visit the local youth; both in the juvenile detention centers and those in traditional schools in the immediate and surrounding areas. Eric sees the great need that exists within under-served communities. And while he isn’t able to respond to the thousands of daily requests for interventions, motivation, and direction, he is able to tackle those issues of accountability, mentorship & hope – one student, one parent, and one school – at a time.

Michael Stephens
Michael Stephens, “From Prison to Purpose” known as “Mike” to his friends, family, and associates is a modern day David, defeating the different Goliaths that pose a threat to his purpose; has overcome each obstacle victoriously with true grit and sheer passion. Mike Stephens, a former convicted felon turned success story, is an active member in the community he once terrorized. He’s a husband, a father to three loving sons, a brother, friend, mentor, community activist, humanitarian, philanthropist, and a master barber. He serves as the owner and operator of Topp Cuttaz South Florida’s premier barber, salon and spa located in Miami Gardens, FL. He is also the Founder & President of Tweety’s Heart Foundation. A 501c3 non-profit organization that brings awareness to the debilitating disease of ALS (Amyotrophic Laterals Sclerosis). The Foundation also hosts programs that tackles severe issues that plagues the community.

Mike’s interactive approach as a speaker and a mentor goes beyond the status quo. His passion and knowledge is evident in the speeches he gives which leaves a lasting and trans formative change to the personal lives of individuals, businesses, and groups he engages.

Mike hosts youth empowerment summits that engage all youth but ultimately are geared toward the preservation of today’s wayward teens and local high school students.

The topics of discussion at these summits include but aren’t limited to: Gun violence, conflict resolution, character development, etiquette, dressing for success, and entrepreneurship. In his words, “Going into the schools and juvenile detention centers to show kids that they can make an honest living in this beauty industry, is more than just a hobby — it’s a career choice. I just wish my mother were alive to see it all. Still, I can’t help but believe that she’s smiling right now.”

In 2016, Mr. Stephens and Mayor Oliver Gilbert & Vice Mayor Felicia Robinson of Miami Gardens, FL. joined forces to create “Reading in Style” a reading initiative to help students become more enthused and proactive about reading by rewarding them with free hair cutting and beauty services. In order for the student to obtain these services, each student must write an essay giving a detailed summary of what they have read. Mr. Stephens is a firm believer in family, community outreach, servicing the youth as a mentor, and being a voice to the voiceless.

Mr. Stephens’ story of redemption from being an ex-convicted felon to now walking in his purpose is inspiring, hopeful, and compels an entire generation to conform to positive reformation.

Michael Stephens’ story is about true determination, overcoming insurmountable odds and not sticking with the status quo. It’s the story of an ex-convicted felon living the American Dream despite the odds that stacked up against him.

Robert Pack
Robert John Pack, Jr. is an American retired professional basketball player who spent 13 years as a point guard and is currently an assistant coach for the Washington Wizards of the National Basketball Association. The 6 ft 2 inch tall point guard had a thirteen-season playing career and has served as assistant coach with 4 teams, including New Orleans Pelicans, Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Mr. Pack continues his passion for the game as an assistant coach and uses his own personal life as inspiration to other young men coming up behind him, through his New Orleans-based foundation, “Jump N For The Future: The Robert Pack Organization.”

The foundation was founded in 1997 to teach other young men who primarily come from underprivileged areas in the 9th ward of New Orleans that “exposure fuels passion.” He leads a very hands-on organization in mentoring young men, exposing them to structured educational and cultural experiences, exposing them to college tours and opportunities, and providing resources and key relationships that open up their opportunities to succeed. For more information on Mr. Pack’s organization, go to www.therobertpackfoundation.com.

Born: February 3, 1969 (age 50 years), New Orleans, LA

Education: University of Southern California, Tyler Junior College, Lawless High School

Robert Pack
Robert Pack
Robert Pack

DeSean Cagnolatti, Keith Cryer and Theo Bias
Daiquiri Shoppe

Going back to 1985, when we were styling Jheri Curls, Fades and the last of the Afros. Three young men, (Keith, Theo and DeSean); were becoming young adults living in different areas of New Orleans. The one thing they had in common was that they attended the same Junior High School, Andrew J. Bell. As time would have it, they ended up going to the same High School, Joseph S. Clark as well and started playing on the football team together. These were “The Good Ol Days”, when life was easy and they only had to worried about school, part-time jobs and “Friday Night Lights”. They then graduated and life took its course.

Fast forward 20 years…

In 2011, DeSean reunited with Keith at Theo’s home in Dallas for Thanksgiving. At some point during conversations, Theo asked DeSean the question; “Why did you move back to Dallas?” In response, DeSean said “To open a Daiquiri Shop.”

Then Theo pulled Keith into the conversation and mentioned to him that DeSean was here to open a Daiquiri Shop. DeSean had no idea that Theo and Keith were well into their planning stages of opening a Daiquiri Shop as well.

After further conversations, the group decided to meet the following Monday to discuss their business plans. Needless to say, “It was a Perfect Match!” and had to be Divine Intervention. These three men truly believes that it was God’s hand that put them together and not against each other.

Prayer, Love, Faith, Hard Work, Family, Accountability, Trust and the Desire to Succeed are some of a few things that help to open the doors in 2012 to their first Daiquiri Shoppe location in Grand Prairie, TX. The Daiquiri Shoppe is now a Real Thing!!! Now 7 years later, they’ve opened a Carrollton, TX location in 2014 and expanded the Grand Prairie location in 2015. They now have even bigger dreams to expand the Carrollton location and to open a new 3rd location in Waco, Texas.

The Daiquiri Shoppe has made its mark in the State of Texas and it is now a destination location for locals and visitors to the DFW Metroplex.

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