HSFA Makes Major Leadership Staff Changes to Support Steady Growth and Help Keep Americans Safe

Chief of Staff Lloyd Bumanglag appointed new Chief Operating Officer (COO). Technology, R&D Director, Mary Jane Healey succeeds Bumanglag on executive team as Chief of Staff. Performance Support Office Director, John Schroeder, promoted to Principle Investigator, Campus Safety and Security Project.

Today, HSFA announced high-level changes on the leadership team, citing continued growth in organizational capacity and recent public safety incidents as the driving force behind the internal changes.

Lloyd Bumanglag (California), who’s served in the President’s office as Chief of Staff since 2008 has been appointed to serve as Chief Operating Officer (COO), a role agency officials say will play a crucial part in the continuance of an aggressive growth strategy.

“Lloyd has served his country well in several capacities, and I’m not sure how much we could’ve accomplished without him by my side these past few years,” said Eric Brown, President and Chairman, HSFA. “We’re expanding in mission critical areas, including our National Investigative Services Division, Civil Defense, Community Partnering and Corporate Communications. With Lloyd’s capabilities and his penchant for success through unwavering focus and determination, we’re confident these departments will expand rapidly and serve America well.”

“As we continue our success and efforts in foundational and organizational growth, despite recent economic challenges, HSFA continues to build synergies in all areas and components of the organization,” said Lloyd Bumanglag, COO, HSFA. “I am confident that we are on the right track towards seeking and building community alliances with local and national organizations to compliment our core areas in Public Safety, Energy Security and Health & Human Services. The second half of 2010 will be significant as we aggressively build out our National Investigative Services Division, Civil Defense, Corporate Communications, District Field Offices, Volunteer Services Administration and new programs and initiatives.”

HSFA Technology Director Mary Jane Healey has been confirmed to succeed Bumanglag as Chief of Staff. Reporting directly to the President, she’s charged with the overall success of the district and state office programs and HSFA’s primary Areas of Operation, Public Safety, Energy Security and Health and Human Services.

“Following HSFA’s successful establishment of its critical infrastructure, I’m pleased to be able to help lead HSFA’s current focus on nationwide state and district office presence and programs, bringing our portfolio of services to local communities everywhere,” said Mary Jane Healey, Chief of Staff, HSFA. “Our key operational areas of Public Safety, Energy Security and Health and Human Services are critical components of our district-based outreach strategy to all Americans, and I’m honored to be a part of this dynamic agency.”

Healey was hired after serving on HSFA’s Volunteer Advisory Board. As Director of Technology, she provided vision and direction the Technology, Research and Development team, where she championed a number of key initiatives, including the BroadRiver Enterprise Project and RubyWATCH, the National Terrorism and Crime Prevention Database.

In keeping with the agency’s commitment to public safety, Performance Support Office Director, John Schroeder, was recently promoted to Principle Investigator of HSFA’s emerging Campus Safety and Security Project.

“Campus safety is an extremely high priority,” said Phil Sumner, Vice President, HSFA. “It’s important we have the right person in place to investigate if and how HSFA can help; not just with meeting Clery Act reporting requirements and crime statistics, but how we can help improve campus security overall.”

“The Clery Act has been the foundation of campus safety and security,” said John Schroeder, HSFA Principal Investigator. “Our Public Safety function will build on that foundation and begin to explore the viability of a comprehensive safety and security approach for the greater campus community.”

HSFA is in discussions with a Massachusetts-based enterprise software company to add new features to RubyWATCH, which is built on the same technology as Project STAN (Strategic Terrorism Analysis Network); technology officials say could prove useful for improving campus security at no costs to schools and students.

With the recent occurrence of public safety incidents here at home, including the Christmas Day airline breech and an attempted terrorist car bombing in New York, the agency continues to grow and leverage a highly skilled and motivated team of staff, volunteers and industry experts to advance the mission and protect the public.

“Right now we are focusing in on filling key high-level positions,” said Brown. “It’s imperative we fill our three highest ranking field positions–the Secretaries of Public Safety, Energy Security and HHS. These executives serve as program managers for our primary AOs, so it’s important we find qualified leaders who are willing to come on board as volunteers, build their teams and be prepared to transition into full-time paid staff positions. With the state of the U.S. economy, we know there are qualified people who are currently out of work, but still ready to hit the ground running. If you have a passion for safety, energy conservation and green living and or health, I urge you to contact us to learn more about how you can serve your country on the HSFA team.”

The Homeland Security Foundation of America is a public, non-profit, non-Federal agency for public safety, energy security and health and human services, certified as tax-exempt under IRC 501(c)(3) with 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) status. For more information visit https://www.hsfamerica.org or email comments@hsfamerica.org.


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