Active shooter awareness on the campaign trail, Washington, DC

Anthony Melé, President, AMI GLOBAL SECURITY, LLC

HSFA on the Active Shooter Awareness Campaign Trail in Washington DC…

HSFA hosted a town hall meeting, focusing on active shooter awareness and preparedness, Friday, November 17, 2017, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Thurgood Marshall Center in Washington.

Keynote speaker Anthony Melé, President, AMI GLOBAL SECURITY, LLC, shared a unique perspective on active shooter preparedness and response.  Mr. Melé Is a lecturer, panelist, and essayist on a variety of security topics to include the incidence called “active shooter”. Mr. Melé organizes law enforcement and security personnel training exercises utilizing state of the art technology as training tools, as well as the VIRTRA 300 virtual simulator.

Mr. Melé does not focus on law enforcement protocols in the approach to “active shooter” scenarios in a “one size fits all” method. He has provided lectures to over 26 New Jersey Law Enforcement organizations, Precinct Commanders at the NYC Police Academy and prepared white papers presented to congressional staff, municipal agencies and corporate security review committees.

Oz Sultan CEO, Sultan Interactive

Oz Sultan CEO, Sultan Interactive, delivered a thought-provoking address to attendees on cyber security, counter terrorism and social media. Mr. Sultan is a Tech + Marketing Industry veteran with 20 years experience developing innovative solutions for brands, icons and Fortune 100 companies. He’s also at the forefront of American Muslim affairs, as well as diplomatic and interfaith engagement. Over the past 10 years, Oz has leveraged social media signaling and analysis of trend and social data to focus on Big Data analysis and how patterns can aid in solving complex problems around us.

Q&A sessions with our DC town hall panel, moderated by Manos Megagiannis, Chief Technology Officer, NIO, Inc., were conducted after each keynote address. Gean D. Alston, Policy Advisor, Strategic Operations Division, Office of the Chief Security Officer, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provided closing remarks for the town hall meeting.


Listen to the DC Town Hall meeting online now: 

17 November 2017 Active Shooter Town Hall DC

Next steps…

HSFA will continue to conduct town hall meetings throughout the nation in FY 2018.