HSFA Announces Partnership with Southern Data Solutions, Donations from Nomad Security and BroadRiver Communications, Updates on Ready Program for Georgia

HSFA Leverages Technology to Combat Routine Crime, Eliminate Phishing and Minimize ID Theft by 2010. Privacy Protection Initiative Strengthened with Nomad Technology and Infrastructure Services by BroadRiver Communications. Fundraising Goals for Georgia Ready Program Within Reach.

The Homeland Security Foundation of America (HSFA), a nonprofit, nonpartisan public charity, today announced a strategic partnership to mitigate growing national cyber security threats. Foundation officials say they’re committed to eliminating phishing and significantly minimizing ID Theft in the U.S. by 2010. HSFA is slated to launch a nationwide initiative in October to help businesses and home users who currently do not have adequate security countermeasures to protect their computerized systems. The partnership with Southern Data Solutions will play a major role in this important public safety initiative.

“Phishing opens the door for ID Theft, fraud and related routine crimes,” said Eric Brown, President of HSFA. “Since 2005 in the U.S., more than 230 million records containing personal information have been compromised due to security breaches, many of which occurred as a result of weak authentication. We’re taking a bold step towards closing the window of opportunity for fraudsters to strike, empowering Americans with advanced technology that’s easy to use, but offers an effective defense against computer crimes. We plan to deploy this solution expeditiously and at zero cost to the public.”

Last week, Nomad Security donated its strong authentication and secure identity assurance technology to the project. BroadRiver Communications also joined the effort, pledging to provide infrastructure and communication services. HSFA plans to offer a no-cost solution in two phases, first making it available to businesses and schools and then rolling it out to the general public.

“We’re excited to be a part of HSFA and all of their endeavors. Our commitment to this nation and generations to come involves us marrying technology with best practices to combat current and future security issues,” said Jeff Davis, President and CEO of Southern Data Solutions. “HSFA has the heart we should all strive to have, and Southern Data Solutions is proud to be a part of an organization that will help us all be prepared. It’s a privilege to work with HSFA and to show our patriotism.”

Southern Data Solutions will provide technical support for both phases of the project. Davis was also recently appointed to HSFA’s Board of Advisors, a panel of industry experts who support foundation leadership during mission critical decisions.

“Privacy protection is an extremely high priority,” said Brown. “It’s clear people all over this great Nation share our passion. The generous contributions from Nomad and BroadRiver could not come at a better time. Launching a major offensive against routine computer crime is a crucial step in turning the internet back over to law abiding citizens who believe in its value but have become intimately familiar with the associated privacy risks. This project is critical to the future strength and reliability of online security in America. Success means having the right resources and a highly capable and motivated team. Jeff Davis and his staff have the technical proficiency and experience we need to deliver a solution worthy of the public’s trust.”

Privacy protection is one of two major initiatives for the foundation. Family safety and disaster preparedness is also at the forefront of operations. Recent fundraising efforts have resulted in more than $40 million in cash and in-kind pledges for HSFA’s Ready initiative in the state of Georgia. With only $5.25 million outstanding, HSFA plans to provide a copy of the Local Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) brochure and a disaster preparedness and first aid manual to 3 million households in Georgia beginning as early as this summer and expanding nationwide through 2009.

Homeland Security Foundation of America (HSFA)

HSFA is the only nonprofit, nonpartisan public charity, with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) / Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) certified staff, established to help advance homeland security while preserving Americans’ civil liberties. HSFA believes a strong, effective presence of security is best achieved by empowering American citizens to lawfully safeguard their valuable assets and by opening lines of communication between the public and law enforcement. HSFA was recently featured on General Norman Schwarzkopf’s award winning World Business Review (WBR).

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